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Aura Piha

Sustainable development specialist, SYKLI


Circula® was developed with funding from the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. Enjoy your time in circular economy and gamified learning!

If you would like to get a Circula-workshop for your class, school or workplace, get a quote:

Circula materials can be used free of charge in your classroom. Download the materials from this link (Google Drive):
Download material

For common use

Circula® has been published under the Creative Commons CC BY-NC-ND -licence. The content can be used for educational purposes – but not commercially. You may not modify the material or save new versions of it. You may distribute the material non-commercially on platforms such as websites and social media. When sharing the material, always mention the source ( and the licence.

Start by getting to know the Teacher’s Guide.

Download teacher’s guide

Game materials

Circular economy brochures

The company examples of the circular economy walk have been divided into five files according to the circular economy business models. Choose the suitable examples for your group.


Game board

Each company team needs a game board. The board’s size is 79 cm x 79 cm. You can have it printed or put it together using six A3 papers.


Game instructions

Print two-sided instructions for each team.


Resource and surprise cards

Print a series of resource cards and surprise cards each. Print the cards on carton two-sided and cut into cards.


Strength cards

Print a deck of strength cards for each team. To avoid mixing the decks together, they have been marked with numbers 1-5.


Skill cards

Print a deck of skill cards for each team. To avoid mixing the decks together, they have been marked with numbers 1-5.


Business models and pitching

Print a summary of the business models of circular economy for each company team. A pitcher’s checklist for the end of the game can be found on the other side.


Feedback cards

Feedback cards are used in the pitching stage of the game. Print four cards (one paper) per team.


Evaluation form

Print one form for each team.



Better resources!

Empty resource cards for your own resources! Find more ideas from the Teacher’s Guide.


More skills!

You can make your own skill cards for your own professional field, for instance.


Your own strenghts

If the Circula strength cards aren’t enough, make your own!


New surprises

Come up with more surprises and make your own cards!