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Gamified learning about the circular economy

Circular economy opens up new kinds of opportunities to business and consumption – wellbeing without overconsumption of natural resources. The Circula® Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship Game paints a picture of circular economy through creative teamwork. Circula® offers the players models for responsible business and sustainable lifestyle, self-awareness and appreciation of one’s own strengths as well as hope for a better future.

Circula® excites both young and old alike. It is suitable for learners of different levels from 15-year-olds to adults. The game can be used in both secondary and upper secondary schools as well as in vocational education, universities of applied sciences, development work at companies, free time activity and as a tool for environmental counselling.

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Production team

Circula Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship Game was developed by SYKLI Environmental School of Finland in collaboration with Junior Achievement Finland, Savo Consortium for Education and Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region. The development took place in a project funded by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

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