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Aura Piha

Sustainable development specialist, SYKLI

For teachers and other game masters

Building a sustainable future and turning towards circular economy signify a new type of thinking – that is, learning. It is best achieved by experience and thinking as well as doing and communicating together.

Circula® Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship Game familiarises circular economy through creative teamwork. The gamified approach is suitable for many kinds of learners while the goals and instructions are adjusted according to the players’ needs. The Game Master – teacher or other instructor – supports the cooperation and learning of the group.

The participants of the Circula® game

  • get exposure to positive visions of the future and possible actions
  • learn to understand the circular economy on a practical level, from the perspective of entrepreneurial activity and consumption
  • recognize and appreciate their own strengths and skills as well as those of their team members
  • work together as a team, taking responsibility for their own learning and the team members’ learning
  • acquire skills related to business idea development and entrepreneurship

Teacher’s guide

This page contains briefly the stages of the Circula® learning process along with relevant links. Read more about the pedagogy of the game and the practical implementation in the Teacher’s Guide!

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Circula: application and steps

A variety of groups from secondary schools to seasoned experts are into the game! Circula® fits the curriculum of high schools, vocational institutes or universities of applied science but is also suitable for being played at leisure. It is easy to incorporate it as a part of a larger study plan, for instance studies in entrepreneurship and sustainable development or specific fields of study. The game can be used in environmental or entrepreneurial counselling or internal training at companies. The game familarises the players with the business models of circular economy, and the organisation can get new ideas on how to include circular economy in their own operations. The game increases interaction and cooperation as well as motivates personnel and customers to acts more environmentally.

Circula® is a game workshop, which includes advance assignments. The Circular economy walk gives information and inspiration to the players. After the game learning can be continued in a method suitable to the group.

The starting point of the game is the resources of the players – the skills and personality – as well as the leftover resources, which can be materials, items or spaces. In the game the company teams brainstorm over business ideas based on circular economy principles in terms of their own skills and the resources available. Each team develops their own business idea but the surprises of the game will guide the teams into cooperation with one another.

Advance assignments

In order to gain as much as possible from the game, the participants should become familiar with the themes of circular economy and entrepreneurship.

Skills and strengths

The goal of the joint activity is to recognise the expertise of oneself and others. Read instructions from the Teacher’s Guide!

Circular economy walk

During the Circular Economy Walk, the participants learn about Finnish companies that are already putting the circular economy into action as well as various business opportunities. The Walk promotes group formation and group cohesion and it can be used to establish the teams for the game itself. The Circular Economy Walk can be done as an advance assignment or before the game, and it can be used as a method independently.

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Circula® Circular Economy and Entrepreneurship Game

The purpose of the game is to come up with an idea for a company that

  • is a response to a real need or problem
  • uses natural resources in an imaginative and sustainable manner
  • is a profitable business

Hints for adjusting the game for your own group and preparing for the game can be found in the Teacher’s Guide.

The game instructions step by step

The Circula® game has been planned to enable the players acting in teams independently. The teacher acts as the Game Master and supports the teams when necessary. All students are not ready for independent team work, especially the youngest players in secondary schools. If you think that the instructions are too demanding for your group, you can guide the game step by step using the slide show.

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Company introduction

The game ends with pitching. Each team gives and receives feedback in the form of feedback cards. If you want, you can call in a small jury to rank the teams based on the evaluation criteria. Read more from the Teacher’s Guide.

Learning continuum

In secondary school, Circula® can be incorporated into multidisciplinary learning modules. In vocational schools and universities of applied sciences, Circula® can be incorporated into studies in entrepreneurship and sustainable development, but it can also be used to support students’ development of skills related to their specific fields of study. The game can be linked to entrepreneurship education, such as the programmes of Junior Achievement Finland. Teaching content and methods for students at various levels have been developed in 2017–2019 with funding from Sitra.